The KinéOParis office welcomes you from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. to provide you with physiotherapy and osteopathy care to improve your functional abilities.


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Physiotherapist since 2008 then osteopath since 2015, the project was to create a space for my patients.

A space that would be suitable for them and where they could recharge their batteries.

The world is going faster and faster: emails, SMS, notifications of all kinds on smartphones.

Our body has a physiological need to go through phases of rest in a day and humans are the only species on the planet not to listen to it.

That's why I created KinéO: to allow my patients to be treated in a setting that promotes the rhythm that their body desires.

The KinéO team will apply all its know-how and experience for your health.


Creator of KinéOParis

The Team

Your physiotherapy center in Saint-Lazare

Our KinéOParis physiotherapy center located in the 9th district is dedicated to orthopedic rehabilitation, rheumatological rehabilitation and sports physiotherapy. We will welcome you from Monday to Friday, with or without a medical prescription in our office approved by mutual insurance companies and health insurance with reasonable fees.

We support you in your rehabilitation sessions to put an end to functional disorders in order to regain normal motor skills. In our physiotherapy center you will find two physiotherapists and a bone therapist at your disposal, carrying out the treatment adapted to your needs after very rigorous clinical tests.

Our massage therapists treat all pathologies, from infants to adults, thanks to physiotherapy, manual therapies and state-of-the-art equipment.

  • Specialists in osteopathy and physiotherapy

    At KinéOParis, we treat joints, low back pain, neck pain, back pain, bronchiolitis as well as sprains and fractures. Our practice also receives patients post-operatively or post-trauma, to treat stroke sequelae, or even scars.

    Our physiotherapists practice respiratory physiotherapy, lymphatic drainage, manual therapies, therapeutic massage and muscle strengthening.

    We are also specialized in medical gymnastics, sports physiotherapy and fitness through physical activities during physiotherapy sessions for high-level and amateur athletes.

    We establish a precise preliminary assessment (which will be sent to your doctor) which allows us to know which therapy is best for you and then directs you to the most competent practitioner to treat your pathology. You will thus be directed either to physiotherapy or to osteopathy. Joining KinéOParis means being able to constantly switch from one discipline to another in order to optimize your recovery. So you can treat yourself as quickly as possible. All our physiotherapy sessions are individual and adapted to your symptoms in order to obtain optimal results. Our practitioners are mobilized to give you the best advice against back pain, and to adopt a rhythm of life adapted to reducing pain. They also give you exercises to do on a daily basis, in order to restore your motor skills and strengthen your muscles, especially for osteoarthritis problems.

  • State-of-the-art equipment

    In order to achieve your objectives, our KinéOParis firm makes every effort, from the expertise of practitioners to the adoption of modern equipment at the cutting edge of science and technology. In particular, we use the K-Laser®, the latest technology for physiotherapists, ultra-effective for scars, tendinopathies and inflammatory pain.

    In addition to manual massages, we offer, for example, manual therapy, scar work or manual palpation-rolling. We have also equipped our cabinet with sports tools (treadmill, bike, wall bars, step) which facilitate your rehabilitation sessions and allow you to practice more exercises.

    In addition, our therapists are trained in the McKenzie Method (MDT) to treat patients with low back pain, back pain and neck pain (chronic pain and torticollis) and allow them to regain their abilities.

  • Your practice, near you

    Our physiotherapy center is located in the center of Paris, a few steps from Saint-Lazare train station. Our location is therefore practical for everyone, so that you can go to your physiotherapist or osteopath without great difficulty and follow your rehabilitation sessions in the best conditions. Hurry up to make an appointment!

  • The difference between physiotherapy and osteopathy

    Patients often have difficulty knowing the difference between osteopathy and physiotherapy. In truth, it is quite simple: osteopathy will release muscular, aponeurotic and articular tensions that may exist through manual techniques. Physiotherapy, on the other hand, will take time to relearn how to use your body through muscle strengthening and mobilization. The two therapies are therefore very complementary.

    Osteopathy is very suitable for treating migraines, lumbago, recalcitrant inflammation (tendinopathy for example) or even preparing for sports competitions.

    Physiotherapy is very suitable for recovering after surgery followed by immobilization, after a sprain or recovering from a sports competition.

  • The different practitioners in Paris

    To help you in your recovery:

    • Ayayi AJAVON, founder of the firm, physiotherapist, osteopath and teacher, will know how to determine which is the best treatment to relieve joint pain or muscle tension.
    • Thomas CAVARLE, physiotherapist specializing in vestibular rehabilitation, works with the latest technologies to treat the symptoms of dizziness and motion sickness.
    • Aubin BOUTHENET, physiotherapist, the most focused on scientific research. Passionate about reading articles, he knows everything about what has just come out, everything that is effective and everything that has not been shown to be effective in treatment. The objective of our physiotherapy center is to take care of your health and your well-being: To make you the heroes of your health.
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