What is a back pain?


Or “chest pain”. Whether related to the ribs or the spine itself, these pains are often the result of poor posture. Rebalancing the posture and strengthening weak muscles remains the best weapon to fight against this pathology.

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Put an end to your back pain with KinéOParis

Dorsalgia is all pain in the back, located at the level of the dorsal or thoracic spine. These ailments can be of static origin (posture) or functional (way of moving), and will create discomfort on a daily basis. Expert in back pain, your physiotherapist in Paris 9 treats your acute or chronic pain, supports you to fight against this discomfort and restores your comfort of life.

  • What is back pain?

    Dorsalgia corresponds to back pain in its thoracic part (from the top of the shoulder blades to the bottom of the ribs). This dorsal (or thoracic) spine is made up of twelve dorsal vertebrae. Back pain can be very acute and linked to the statics of everyday life. In adolescents we also encounter this type of symptomatic pain linked to growth disorders and to the desynchronization between the speed of growth of the bone and that of the muscle. Regarding functional back pain, it gradually sets in and articulates the muscular, joint and psychological suffering of a person over time.

    The main causes of symptomatic back pain are digestive (such as gastric ulcer), cardiovascular (heart failure or exertional angina) or pleuropulmonary (pneumopathy or pleurisy) pathologies. They can also be caused by hernias (discal or hiatal) or spinal conditions. Static and functional back pain, on the other hand, can be caused by spinal dystrophies, or quite simply, posture defects, pregnancy or lesions. back muscles. Regardless of the origin of your back pain, our physiotherapists welcome you to our KineOParis office, in order to treat your back pain and offer you the best physiotherapy treatments.

  • Our physiotherapists treat your back pain

    Our physiotherapists will organize the sessions to help you relax your muscles, soften your spine and calm back pain. You can also perform breathing and relaxation exercises to relax the back muscles. They can also invite you to consult your doctor in order to have analgesics or anti-inflammatories prescribed for you, when the acute pain develops.

    Our physiotherapists will advise you on the treatment to undertake at home to relieve back pain. Our physiotherapists offer you a treatment adapted to your pain. It can be the regular practice of a physical activity in order to strengthen the back and the abdominals, which will be better able to stabilize your body.

    Finally, our physiotherapists have a big role to play in helping you reduce the psychological and emotional burdens that can bother you and are often the cause of back pain. In our office, you can treat your back pain and all rheumatic pathologies related to the back, with advice from our experts on the sports to practice and the postures to adopt.

  • Our physios diagnose your back pain

    Physiotherapy is the best manual medicine that treats back pain. The main symptoms of back pain are acute, local or diffuse pain. Symptoms can also be sensations of tingling, tingling, or burning by muscle tension.

    Our physiotherapists, experts in their field, have been treating back diseases for years and proceed according to a complete process, which adapts to each patient.

    Your back physiotherapist will provide you with a complete assessment to determine the nature of the back pain. If symptomatic, the causes may be cardiovascular or pulmonary. If it is static, the causes may be related to growth disorders or unsuitable posture. If they are functional, the origins are generally linked to inappropriate gestures.

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