What is low back pain?


Or “pain in the lumbar region”: these pains can be linked to herniated discs or muscle tension in the region. Lumbago is the spearhead of low back pain where the patient remains "stuck" with very strong pain.

MDT (Mecanical Diagnosis and Therapy®) techniques, recommended since 2002 by the French National Authority for Health, are used.

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KinéOParis against low back pain

Low back pain is pain that occurs in the lower back and can descend into the lower limb without going beyond the knee. They can be acute or chronic.

We often talk about herniated disc but the causes can be multiple: muscle tension, fascia tension, nerve root adhesion... Rehabilitation is an essential manual treatment, often the last bastion for patients with lumbosciatica before surgery. Our physiotherapists are all mobilized to support patients suffering from low back pain, with treatments that are adapted to them, and to offer them effective follow-up against low back pain.

  • What is low back pain?

    If you feel a feeling of blockage in the lower back with difficulty performing certain movements, if you suffer from inflammatory or mechanical pain in the lumbar region, you most likely have low back pain, which must be treated immediately. Low back pain affects the lower back, at the level of the lumbar vertebrae, and can sometimes cause pain in the pelvis and legs, but without going beyond the knee. They most often occur in adults over 50 and seniors.

    Whether it manifests itself in the form of weak or intense pain, in the muscles of the lower back, in the lower limbs, or the intervertebral discs, low back pain causes discomfort and affects your well-being. In our center of osteopaths and physiotherapists in Paris 9, we will answer all your questions and work with your attending physicians to put an end to your low back pain.

  • Advice for a better recovery

    Because back pain can be very restrictive, our physiotherapists support you throughout the recovery process. They will guide you on the positions and postures to adopt. In addition, they will advise you on whether or not to resume sports activities to relieve the back, or only exercises to do at home and unlocking movements.

    You can say goodbye to low back pain with our physiotherapists. You can discover them on our site, or send us all your questions, which we will be happy to answer.

  • Our action

    Our physiotherapists intervene after a prescription from your attending physician, and carry out a complete check-up excluding any surgical intervention. Vigilant and concerned about your well-being, we ask our patients to bring with them all the additional examinations (x-rays, MRI, scanner) prescribed by the doctor in the context of low back pain.

    During your first consultation, our physiotherapist will try to locate the pain and understand the circumstances of its occurrence. Then, he will draw up a diagnostic report which will be sent to your doctor. The main techniques during the sessions are massage and stretching (muscular and aponeurotic). The anti-inflammatories prescribed by the doctor can also help you reduce the pain, but the wearing of the lumbar belt is to be limited as much as possible in time (ideally the first 3 days only). Finally, sports activities and exercises will be undertaken to fight against lumbar pain.

    In addition, after apprehending the problem, verifying its origin and confirming the absence of serious clinical signals (red flags), our physiotherapist can undertake effective techniques that will rid you of low back pain. These will aim to: release the refracted structures (stretching and release of muscle tension in the body) and strengthen your muscles, which are most of the time weakened by low back pain. Since osteoarthritis and overweight can help cause lower back pain, the physiotherapist will work with you on reconditioning and rehabilitation exercises that strengthen the spines and abdominals, and will accompany you for effective therapeutic education. Finally, our physiotherapists are certified McKenzie Method © (MDT), the only method classified AAA in international rehabilitation. They will take advantage of these extremely effective techniques whose reputation is well established.

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