What is Osteopathy ?


Osteopathy is a discipline aimed at freeing regions of the body that are not very mobile, just like physiotherapy.

The difference is in the structures treated, the concept of tissue release and the techniques used. Where physiotherapy is a long-term exercise with a strong notion of re-education and rehabilitation, osteopathy focuses on the release of tissues.

In addition, osteopathy has a vision of the body in its entirety (with all the chains of dysfunction that can go from the skull to the foot) where physiotherapy is much more local/regional.

Osteopathy has been recognized since 2002 but is not part of the conventional medical and paramedical care system. She has no Order. These two disciplines are close and often confused, but the expertise of each is very different.

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Osteopath practice in Paris 9

If you need a Paris 9 osteopath, our practice brings together the best osteopaths in the region. Thanks to their great experience, they accompany all patients and put an end to all their ailments and aim to prevent functional disorders of the body. Find all of our osteopathy and physiotherapy services on our website.

  • A team at your service at KinéOParis

    Our team of osteopaths practices in our KinéOParis office, with multidisciplinary specialists. Consultations are by appointment throughout the week. Rigorous, professional and experienced, your Paris 9 osteopath is a graduate of the Paris School of Osteopathy and treats all pathologies, according to a protocol adapted to each patient.

    Our practitioners offer you manual medicine, for rapid healing of spinal, cervical, thoracic or dorsal, lumbar and muscular pain. We are also specialized in sports osteopathy.

  • Our interventions in osteopathy

    Backaches and headaches are the leading causes of consultation with osteopaths. It is for this reason that our osteopaths perform many interventions in their treatment.

    Your osteopath Paris puts an end to lumbago (lower back pain) which generally appears following a movement or trauma. It also treats dorsalgia (pain that is in the middle of the back), as well as neck pain, which appears in the cervical region.

    After specific and well-studied tests, your Paris 9 osteopath will aim to find the origin of the pain. He then uses structural, functional or visceral techniques to restore “normal” mobility to the sore parts of your body. Specialized in cranial osteopathy and visceral techniques, your osteopath treats your headaches and migraines thanks to osteopathic treatments and manual manipulations. It will be able to release the tensions of the different parts of the body and thus facilitate the circulation of the blood, the digestion... Remember to contact us to carry out a preventive rehabilitation in order to avoid the appearance of pain

    Finally, your Paris osteopath will give you the best advice to reduce pain and avoid exercises that can cause pain, particularly in the muscles.

  • Osteopaths: when and why?

    Osteopathy is a profession little known in the medical field, but recognized by the Ministry of Health for years. It is the soft and manual medicine which intervenes in the determination of the functional disorders which can affect the human body, (by excluding the diseases which require a surgical intervention) and to relieve the pains related to the spine and back pain. Back pain is one of the biggest reasons for consultation. In particular, it makes it possible to put an end to joint pain in the cervical spine thanks to the technical expertise of our therapists, excluding cervical manipulation. There are now many techniques that do not require a "crack" and are much more effective. This therapy also puts an end to chronic aches and pains and neuralgia (eg headaches). Osteopathy is gentle and has a holistic look: seeing the body as a whole is the credo of this therapy.

  • Our goal: the well-being of patients

    Our practitioner implements treatments suitable for migraines and trauma, back pain and visceral problems. It is based on manual therapy, where all spheres are addressed.

    The appointments are open from Monday to Friday, if you have pain in the lumbar region, if you are a pregnant woman and ready to give birth, or for all your musculoskeletal problems.

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