What is Osteopathic Session ?

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Because you shouldn't wait until you're in pain to get treatment. Walking on 2 feet is extremely restrictive for the body, which must constantly adapt. There will always be areas of dysfunction and the objective is to normalize them before they are no longer compensable by the body (i.e. pathological).

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Osteopaths in Paris 9 to soothe your pain

Known as the "back pain therapist", or even "specialist in alternative medicine and manual medicine", osteopathy is the solution to all your functional, muscular and visceral disorders... All the benefits of osteopathy is still little known. However, your practitioner can treat all pain, including neck, joint and musculoskeletal pain, but also digestive disorders, sleep disorders, etc. Various dysfunctions and pathologies are treated by osteopathy. Our practice of osteopaths in Paris 9 offers you osteopathy sessions to discover the virtues of. Contact us and make an appointment.

  • What is Osteopathy ?

    Osteopathy is an alternative therapy. Unlike other specialties, it considers the body as a whole, and tries to examine it in the "whole", before conceiving it in parts, hence the many benefits of osteopathy. Using manual manipulations and gentle manipulations, we treat visceral, joint, muscle and headache disorders with different techniques.

    Osteopathy is a global therapy, distinct from others, following methods and diagnosis. Osteopaths consult by taking into account all the variables, and try to detect all the anomalies that affect your body. Our practitioners consider the body as a whole: bad posture, a stressful daily life or a recent or old trauma can disturb the whole human body.

    In addition, the preventive aspect is another of the characteristics of osteopathy. According to this alternative medicine, the body can self-regulate upstream of pain and contribute to its own well-being: this is called homeostasis. The arterial vascularization of the different areas of the body is also at the center of therapy. The osteopath will therefore help you to keep your shape and avoid any pain thanks to osteopathic care and exercises taken from physiotherapy.

  • Osteopathy: only benefits!

    As you have understood, osteopathy is full of benefits and practices that increase your well-being and allow you to maintain physical and mental health. It is an alternative medicine which, by treating pain, integrates all the variables and takes into account the environment and the daily life of the patients.

    It is also a remedy against drugs by avoiding any addiction. Consult an osteopath when you have spinal pain, following torticollis, for any problem with the spine, any cervical pathology, or viscera.

    In our center, we treat pregnant women, athletes, active people, young and old, do not hesitate to make an appointment to discover the benefits of osteopathy.

  • What are the fields of competence of the osteopath?

    The osteopath has a very wide range of intervention. He is a therapist of choice to relieve back pain, and in particular low back pain. The benefits of osteopathy on back pain have been demonstrated in the medium and long term. For acute and very frequent pain, your specialist may use massage sessions in the office but never medication.

    The osteopath also helps you through his sessions to regain your mobility, mainly following road accidents, sports trauma or surgery. Thanks to the recommended exercises, pain will be reduced, pressure released and mobility regained.

    Peripheral nervous system discomforts are also very sensitive to osteopathy.

    Your osteopath is also the one who relieves your headaches and helps you get rid of stiffness in your neck and spine in general. The benefits of osteopathy do not stop there. Your osteopath also acts against intestinal and digestive disorders, such as bloating, constipation or even irritable bowel syndrome.

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