What is Physiotherapy?


Physiotherapy is a discipline aimed at treating the body through movement. Etymologically: kinesis and therapevo in ancient Greek meaning “healing through movement”. The objective is therefore to restore movement to structures that have become stiff.

The masseur-physiotherapist will use techniques such as mobilizations, massage but also muscle strengthening to stabilize the joints and the progress of the patient. An officially recognized profession since 1946, massage therapists have been dependent on an Order since 2006.

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Your Paris physiotherapist for your rehabilitation

Do you suffer from a sprain, back pain or muscle problem? Our practice offers you the best physiotherapists in Paris 9. We perform various physiotherapy treatments to improve your functional abilities, reduce your ailments, correct your loss of mobility or any musculoskeletal disorder of the musculoskeletal system. KinéOParis is a physiotherapy practice also specializing in therapeutic osteopathy, located in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, next to Saint Lazare train station. Thanks to the experience of our masseurs-physiotherapists and our rehabilitation techniques, you will be taken care of and advised through practical work and therapeutic education.

Our Paris physiotherapy practice makes every effort to provide you with the best therapeutic care, adapted to your age and your deficiencies. Among the specialties of our practice: sports physiotherapy (sports rehabilitation, muscle strengthening), neurological (motor physiotherapy, post stroke or brain trauma, etc.), rheumatology (low back pain, neck pain) and osteopathy.

  • An experienced physiotherapist in Paris

    Experienced, patient and rigorous, our rehabilitators will give you their advice in order to put an end to all your ailments and ensure your functional rehabilitation. If you need a physiotherapist in Paris, our firm offers you the most competent Parisian specialists. Our physiotherapists are specialized in sports physiotherapy for top athletes and amateur athletes, but also neurological and rheumatological. They adapt to all situations and all ages, and will be able to accompany you thanks to gentle manual therapies.

    Our health professionals also perform manual techniques and treatments for pneumological problems, such as respiratory physiotherapy (respiratory rehabilitation for asthma problems and bronchial congestion). Finally, if you are bothered by motor or balance problems, they will be taken care of by our specialists with the greatest expertise.

  • Commitment and support at KinéOParis

    Our team of physiotherapists, together with your doctor, listens to you and performs a clinical examination to potentiate your rapid recovery. Since the beginning of our activity, your physiotherapist Paris has accompanied all patients, of all ages, suffering from muscle pain or motor problems. We also support top athletes to guarantee them high performance. We send the physiotherapy diagnostic report to your doctor so that he is informed of your condition and your physiotherapy treatment.

    In our center we practice manual therapy, massages and rehabilitation gymnastics. We also practice lymphatic drainage and physical and cardiovascular activities to rehabilitate your physical condition your joints in our physiotherapy gym.

    If you need a physiotherapist Paris, or if you have unbearable muscle pain, do not hesitate to contact our practitioner, whether or not you have a medical prescription. You can make an appointment from Monday to Friday, online or by phone.

  • The most cutting-edge treatments at KinéOParis

    A team of excellent physiotherapists, a rehabilitation program at the forefront of science and technology, this is what we offer. The therapist who will treat you will offer you solutions for pre and post-operative rehabilitation, neurological and motricity disorders but also rehabilitation in rheumatology, pneumology and post fracture. Our office also offers geriatric physiotherapy sessions; all depending on your age and disability.

    Your physiotherapist Paris also intervenes in osteo-articular lesions in great athletes. Our sports physiotherapist accompanies you for an optimized fitness. In addition to the expertise of our physiotherapist, we put in place the best medical equipment (K-Laser ®), in order to make the exercises more pleasant for all our patients. We offer a team and an environment conducive to young and old, and which adapt to all our patients.

    We also provide you with advice on administrative issues and healthcare reimbursements.

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