What is a Headache or Migraine?


These headaches can be due to very different factors (prolonged bad positions, nerve compression, changes in the intracranial vascular caliber).

They are extremely responsive to osteopathic care and can sometimes save you from taking medication that interferes with your social life.

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Osteopathy to relieve your headaches and migraines

Headaches and migraines are, along with back pain, the most frequent pains among the French. This can manifest as a headache in the forehead or neck, nausea and can even go as far as pain from the skull to the eyebrows.

Our osteopaths carry out a clinical examination, explain the difference between headaches, chronic migraine and tension headaches and offer you therapy.

Specialists in migraine states, our practitioners study the triggering factors and support you with manual techniques, depending on the frequency of the attacks and the aggravation of the pulsations.

In women, it happens that contraception (taking the pill or IUD) can decompensate in severe headache. Certain foods can also cause this discomfort and special attention should be paid to them.

  • What are headaches and migraines?

    Headaches are very common headaches. Its main symptoms are: pain that occurs on only one side of the head (unilateral) and feelings of pressure in the neck and neck. Generally, they occur after long days, stopping caffeine, or simply following a very stressful period and can last over time. Moreover, headaches can occur following a menstrual cycle, head trauma or periodic sinusitis. Certain environmental factors can also trigger headaches (light, smells, etc.).

    Finally, chronic headaches are headaches that last over time (episodes lasting several days with periods of remission over periods of more than 6 months). They require basic medical treatment and will be very sensitive to therapies such as relaxation and osteopathy.

    Migraine is a form of headache. It often presents unilaterally, with acute pain, accompanied by vomiting, visual, olfactory, auditory or tactile hypersensitivity. You can also have visual complications (visual aura) with tension on certain cranial nerves. This is called ophthalmic migraine.

    The classic medical treatment is paracetamol and / or Ibuprofen but if you have headaches or migraines regularly you will have to contact your doctor to find a suitable drug treatment.

  • Why osteopathy?

    The treatment of headaches and migraines is symptomatic, in other words, the drugs will only treat the signs of the patient's pathology. As a result, the relief at a time T is not necessarily permanent.

    In this context, osteopathy proves to be the most suitable specialty for relieving this pain. Our specialists will establish an assessment using orthopedic tests to ensure that the headaches are not caused by other pathologies requiring the advice of your doctor (tumor, stroke, etc.). An MRI may be necessary to make the correct diagnosis. Then, the objective will be to determine the causes of your headaches and to determine if it is a migraine (acute or chronic) or a headache (simple or tension). We adapt our sessions according to the intensity of the pain in order to carry out the most suitable therapy.

    Work on the articular, membrane, muscular and visceral systems will restore mobility where it was lacking. Relief can take place after just one session. Sometimes it will be necessary to repeat the operation in order to completely relieve the headaches or migraine. You will need to discuss with your doctor the adaptation of your drug treatment when the pain has subsided.

    Avoid drug abuse, and contact us now to reduce the signs of your migraine attacks, nausea and vomiting, or cranial and nasal pain.

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