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Take an appointment with your physiotherapist

Whether you have a functional respiratory, digestive, vestibular, musculoskeletal or vestibular problem, our liberal center guarantees you appropriate osteopathy and physiotherapy sessions in these several areas. Your physiotherapist offers rehabilitation sessions in sports physiotherapy, respiratory physiotherapy, neurological, cardiovascular, orthopedic, in order to treat your functional limitations. It also acts in a preventive framework.

Our rehabilitation center offers a therapeutic session for pregnant women, adults, seniors and athletes. Manual therapy is our field of expertise and we provide you with a complete team made up of attentive and concerned physiotherapists. Do not hesitate to contact your physiotherapist masseur, the best in Paris 9.

  • Why call on KinéOParis ?

    Physiotherapy and osteopathy are used in a curative context to rehabilitate motor deficiencies, or preventively to optimize motor function and monitor athletes. Our osteopath intervenes to relieve your ailments and treat your problems and improve your functional capacity.

    Thanks to a manual technique and gentle massages, our physiotherapists promote the vascular circulation of your body and boost your health so that your functional abilities are improved and your pathologies treated.

    On the other hand, if you plan to resume your physical activities, it is recommended to call on a practitioner beforehand. Expert in the exercise of his profession, our physiotherapist accompanies you for an adapted fitness and physical preparation after a long break. Through the manual techniques and specific exercises of sports physiotherapy, it helps you to resume the practice of your sport, whether you are a professional or an amateur. For high-level athletes, our masseurs also offer physiotherapy sessions for muscle strengthening and optimization of sporting gestures. Your physiotherapist also accompanies you during the rehabilitation and rehabilitation phase, following a sprain or trauma to your body.

  • What is a typical session like?

    The physiotherapy sessions take place in our office, in Paris 9. The physiotherapist who will take care of you will start by giving you a general examination, asking you questions and will try to detect any anomalies, as well as their causes. He must imperatively consult your medical file in order to be sure that there are no serious illnesses hidden by your discomfort and requiring medical advice.

    Then, our specialist will start the manual manipulations, according to your needs and the problem you are suffering from.

    Our physiotherapist advises you on your daily life, on the exercises to do at home and on the rhythm of life to follow. The number and duration of sessions may vary from patient to patient. They are often weekly or bi-weekly paid by social security.

  • Our physios mobilized for you

    Our physiotherapists use different techniques to relieve your back, lumbar and cervical pain, your sleep problems, your digestive disorders... If you suffer from any discomfort, the osteopath or physiotherapist will carry out a complete clinical examination to define a procedure to follow. . Based on your medical file and the medical prescription, he will set you an adapted rehabilitation program, in order to free you from your pain and treat your body from the pathologies encountered.

    In some cases, using our physiotherapist can even save you complications, or even hospitalization, as in the case of a BPPV or a dislocation. For any additional information on our services, you can contact our physiotherapists in Paris 9.

  • How to take an appointment?

    Our physiotherapy practice is located at 94 rue Saint-Lazare, building E, 75009 Paris, very accessible by many metro, bus or bicycle lines. Bicycle parking has been installed if you need it and your bike will be in the safe custody of our pleasant caretaker.

    Finally, you will have to cross the magnificent interior courtyard to reach us, on the 1st floor with elevator.

    To contact us or meet a rehabilitator, you can call us on 0140370913. We are open Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. We assure you a multidisciplinary center where you can find a physiotherapist experienced in rehabilitation techniques.

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Métro - Saint-Lazare (lignes 12, 13, 14 et 3)
Métro - Gare Saint-Lazare (lignes 3, 12, 13 et 14)
RER - Gare Saint-Lazare (ligne L)

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second floor with elevator

Public Parking

Indigo car park - Passage du Havre
109 rue Saint-Lazare,
75009 Paris

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