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Our health professionals to get you back in shape

In our KinéOParis office, all pathologies related to physiotherapy and osteopathy are treated and examined by our therapists. Patients with pulmonary, cardiovascular, respiratory and traumatic diseases are taken care of. We take care of cerebral vascular accidents and rheumatic pathologies (rheumatoid arthritis, etc.) and rheumatological pathologies (low back pain, cervical back pain).

Our practitioner works in close collaboration with your attending physician.

  • Pathologies treated by physiotherapy

    Physiotherapy is a therapy that complements all other specialties of medicine. It is often recommended by doctors, in order to strengthen the human body and support patients in their recovery process.

    Our scope of practice is vast and suitable for all ages. The main pathologies treated in our practice are therefore: low back pain, back pain, sprains, fractures and vestibular rehabilitation.

    Our physiotherapists also treat after-effects of strokes, herniated discs and cervical pathologies.

    Treatments are prescribed according to the needs of the patient. Our goal: to offer you the best treatment for an optimal recovery.

  • The specialties of osteopathy

    Osteopathy is a specialty that remains little known. However, it treats many pathologies, sometimes chronic. Among them, back pain, headaches and migraines.

    Osteopathy is an alternative medicine that manually treats pathologies mainly related to the back and the head. And uses different massages and stretches that release the body from the stress and tension it suffers from. Our osteopaths accompany you in order to put an end to your chronic migraines, resistant to the classic medical process, as well as your back and shoulder pain.

    In addition, it can be interesting to set up osteopathic interviews, beneficial to allow the body not to declare pain.

    Our practice treats several pathologies related to physiotherapy and osteopathy. We always carry out an assessment at the beginning of each treatment that we communicate to your doctor. Thanks to this we will be able to refer you to physiotherapy or osteopathy.

    The physiotherapy treatments carried out in our office with state-of-the-art equipment are covered by social security. We also work together with other doctors to better guide you and offer you better, adapted treatment in order to eliminate your pathology as quickly as possible.

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to discuss with you, and answer all your questions.

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