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Athletes make their body their working tool. Whether they are professionals and practice their discipline 5 hours a day or amateurs. This solicitation tires the body and the slightest dysfunction disrupts the sporting gesture. If this gesture is not carried out correctly, the athlete risks tendinopathy, bursitis, sprains.

It is therefore very important to work in physiotherapy AND osteopathy before the discomfort is felt. Very attached to the recovery of athletes, we have been in partnership with Bemavo Corporation for the monitoring of professional basketball players since 2010.

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Your best sports physio in Paris

Our rehabilitation practice, KinéOParis, brings together the best physiotherapists in Paris 9. Rich in our experience, we work to meet the needs of the greatest number of Parisian patients. Among them, the athletes, but also the amateur sportsmen benefit from the follow-up in sports physiotherapy.

You can discover on our site all the therapeutic offers to correct your functional deficiency and alleviate your ailments. You can also get in touch with our physiotherapist, who will be your best ally for specialized and optimized rehabilitation for fitness adapted to starting or resuming any physical activity.

  • What is sports physiotherapy?

    Our sports physiotherapists are first of all physiotherapists who have specialized in sports discipline, rehabilitation, muscle strengthening... With their state diploma, they have had the opportunity to work in sports clubs or with professional sportsmen ( dancers, riders, basketball players, footballers, etc. as well as in sports federations, for the support of professionals/high-level athletes and the improvement of their physical condition. Experts in the sports world and its requirements, they provide you with adequate physical preparation and the best care and advice in terms of sports physiotherapy.

    Our masseurs are aimed at all athletes, amateurs and professionals, of all ages and in all fields. Sports medicine occupies an indispensable place in the life of an athlete. Our practitioners regularly supervise people who wish to resume a sporting activity, after a long absence, or simply following a trauma. A strict protocol adapted to each person, concocted by our physiotherapists, as well as specific advice will be put in place to secure the recovery and make it more pleasant. Lymphatic drainage, muscle and joint rehabilitation, correction of muscle lesions, strapping, taping… our masseurs-physiotherapists provide you with adequate rehabilitation sessions to practice your physical activities without worries.

  • Appropriate techniques in your practice

    Among the different techniques used in physiotherapy, manual therapy makes it possible, thanks to specific manipulations and exercises, to avoid any type of injury or sprain and to allow a gradual resumption of sports exercise in the best conditions.

    If you are a sportsman, amateur or professional, or if you simply wish to resume sport after a period of cessation, seek treatment from a physiotherapist specializing in sports physiotherapy. The therapist will give you the best advice as well as the sports routine to put in place according to your age and your activity.

    Your physiotherapist is at your disposal to examine you, explain the problem and the origin of the pain and guide you. Do not hesitate to contact our physiotherapy office, from Monday to Friday, to make an appointment or for and we will answer all your questions about sports physiotherapy.

  • Various specialties at KinéOParis

    Our sports physiotherapist intervenes in sports pathologies (back pain, traumatic sprain, tendon disorders, rupture of ligaments, joint problems, functional difficulties, etc.), and in manual therapies. He masters the physiology of effort (especially during warm-ups, stretching and training) and performs physiotherapy according to your physical and sports activities. In addition, our team intervenes urgently in the context of practicing a high-level sport and during major competitions.

    The most common pathologies in sports physiotherapy affect the musculoskeletal system. Our practitioner intervenes more specifically in traumatology, in the case of sprains and chronic pain that appear during an effort (in the lower or upper limbs). Do you practice rugby, running, Pilates? Our specialized osteopath and physiotherapist acts through massages and manual techniques to relieve your pain. For a resumption of your sports practice or fitness, our functional rehabilitation practice also has reliable and efficient equipment.

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