What is Neck Pain or Cervicalgia?


It is often linked to poor posture at the thoracic level or to a postion maintained too long at the cervical level.

The rehabilitation objective will be to strengthen the deep cervical flexor muscles and the extensor muscles of the neck.

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Neck pain specialists at your service

If you experience chronic and significant pain in your neck muscles, or your cervical spine (the top of your spine), you certainly have chronic neck pain. In order to put an end to it, the KinéOParis health professional accompanies his patients with appropriate manual treatments. If you feel pain following a painful trauma such as whiplash (whiplash), neuralgia, or pain in the ligaments, contact us.

  • What is neck pain?

    Do you have neck pain and muscle tension, recurrent or more rare? Do you feel a stiffness that prevents normal movement of your neck? You are most likely suffering from neck pain.

    There are many causes, including daily stress, poor back posture or the use of bad pillows. KinéOParis osteopaths take care of all patients suffering from this pain. We offer paramedical treatment for neck and back pain and torticollis.

    The cervical spine (otherwise known as the neck) is made up of seven vertebrae, the first of which are responsible for the movement and stability of our head. Our cervical spine also allows us through the eyes, nose and ears to interact with our environment. Particular care should therefore be taken in this region.

    Our osteopaths listen to you and find the causes of neck pain. These main origins can be muscle contractures, osteoarthritis, or even a herniated cervical disc. On the other hand, the main symptom of neck pain is a sharp pain felt in the cervical region, which can evolve into headaches, neck stiffness or even radiate to the type of tingling in the upper limbs (arms, shoulders) .

  • Our osteopaths treat you

    Osteopathy is the main manual medicine for relieving neck pain. Our osteopaths offer you their know-how to fight against neck pain, through numerous manual treatments that will relieve your ailments.

    First, we will perform a clinical examination, in order to exclude pathologies requiring urgent medical treatment or surgery. The result of the tests carried out on your cervical will decide the continuation of the treatment: muscular, visceral and/or articular treatments. Finally, we will suggest a set of treatments to follow (exercises, posture), depending on the severity of the pain and according to your needs.

    Our osteopaths will also advise you on the rhythm of life to adopt and how to relieve your inflammation. Indeed, stress and daily efforts can strain your cervical muscles (creating a contracture) and your intervertebral discs. Beware of the cervical collar, which should be worn for as short a time as possible.

    The osteopath who will take care of you will therefore be able to relieve you with the help of a manual treatment, relieving the tensions to which your different systems are subjected. Our office of physiotherapists and osteopaths is open to you and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

    questions and to accompany you in your recovery process.

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